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What is Co-Parenting? Is it Difficult?

If you are going to write about the benefits of co-parenting, one thing that you will inevitably find there is a lot of disagreement about. There are both pros and cons to co parenting and each family will have their own unique take on what benefits of co-parenting really are. It is therefore important that the writer does not generalize, but addresses each side of the coin so as not to leave everyone feeling as if they have been wronged.

The first set of benefits of co-parenting, as mentioned above, is that it saves a great deal of time and energy. Often, when parents are working, the time that they would have spent with their children is spent either in transit, at the office or even at home. This leads to a loss of family bonding and connection. This loss of bond, while not directly physical, can lead to a sense of dislocation and a sense of not being part of a family unit. The benefits of co-parenting help to restore that bond and make it easier for parents to get their job done.

Another set of benefits of co-parenting that has to do with the amount of money that is saved at tax time is that of child custody rights. When a couple works together on the decision making and the day to day running of the household, there is a greater chance of minimizing the amount of money that ends up being spent on child custody. That money can be used instead to pay for more extensive family holiday’s or to buy a brand new computer or even to put some money aside for a home.

By sharing this decision making and managing responsibility, the benefits of co-parenting allow for both parents to feel closer to their children. This closer connection is a key element of child development and can play an important role in how healthy and well-adjusted children are raised. The cost of maintaining this close relationship can easily translate into thousands of dollars saved annually on taxes.

Yet another of the many benefits of co-parenting that has to do with the stability of relationships comes in the form of support for couples. It is quite common for the parents of the child to need financial support in the form of daycare, insurance, clothing or a combination of any number of things. When parents work together, however, the costs are often reduced. The less stress on an individual or couple’s budget, the more likely they are to maintain their lifestyle. The benefits of co-parenting allow families to benefit from the savings made by working together rather than through higher taxes.

Another benefit of co-parenting, and one that many people would agree upon, comes in the area of religious beliefs and values. Many people have very specific moral and ethical standards that they hold in regard to their relationships. When two parents share this same moral foundation, the results can be wonderful. Children are better shaped by stable and loving homes where both parents openly communicate their moral convictions. The benefits of co-parenting allow these children to grow up with strong and valid morals.

A final area that the benefits of co-parenting address comes in the area of discipline. When parents work together, they have greater control over how their children are disciplined. The parents of the children can be trusted with these decisions because they have the knowledge and experience to make these decisions. Both parents have an interest in the physical and mental health of their children, so discipline is often at the heart of the relationship.

Parents who work together also know how to help their children to adjust to new environments and how to deal with the issues of adolescence. These advantages lead to a happier, healthier and more stable home environment for all of the involved parents.

As we can see, there are many benefits of co-parenting. But these benefits don’t just stop at being financial. There is also the benefit of a stronger and more secure family unit, which leads to happier children and parents. This happiness leads to higher test scores and less juvenile delinquency.

There are many benefits of co-parenting that can be enjoyed by both partners if the relationship is well balanced and based on trust and communication. So why not give it a try? You may be pleasantly surprised by what you discover about your spouse and children. If you have been struggling with relationship issues, co parenting may be able to help you regain a good relationship and strengthen your marriage.

Lesley Anne

Mum of 3 kids and 4 pets with a wealth of knowledge on bringing up kids, managing relationships, travelling and more.

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