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How to Become a Parenting Coach?

If you are thinking about getting into the business of parenting and want to know how to become a parenting coach you are on the right track. Getting into this field is not as hard as it may seem. Most of us have parents, brothers and sisters that we consider “our kids.”

We all understand the value of these people in our lives and the struggles they go through every day. So if you’re looking for a rewarding career that gives you the joy to help other people, then maybe you should consider becoming a parenting coach.

However, what qualifications do you need to become a coach? There are many coaches out there that would love to share their knowledge and experience. However, very few of them actually have what it takes to be a successful coach.

The majority of them don’t even have any kind of college education. This is the first and biggest obstacle that prevents many coaches from ever starting out.

When I decided to become a parenting coach, I made the decision that I wanted to help other parents be successful. I knew that I needed to put in the time and effort in order to be effective at my new job. Being a coach is a demanding job and requires the same amount of skill and effort that parenting demands from you.

This is why I took the necessary steps to get the proper education that would prepare me for my new role as a coach.

Once I completed my degree, I felt ready to begin applying what I had learned during my years as a coach. I knew that I was ready to start applying the techniques that I had learned in my training to become a parenting coach.

I began to get some phone calls from parents that were interested in hiring a personal life coach. I felt like I had made a great choice.

Then one day I got an email from one of these parents that had hired me as a life coach. She asked if I knew how to become a parenting coach. I replied by telling her that I did know but I had not gotten any phone calls about it. She then asked if I wanted to take a free online class on how to become a parenting coach.

I accepted her invitation to take the class and now I felt prepared to share what I had learned during my years as a life coach with her. I shared with her that I had benefited so much from my training and now I wanted to help other parents to benefit as well.

The next month I had one very interesting phone call from a parent that wanted more information on coaching. When I told her that I did take the Certified Parenting Coach (CPFC) certification, she could not believe that I had done that. She asked how I could have done that since I was not a Licensed Mental Health or Developmental Specialist.

Well, I had actually become a licensed marriage and family therapist and then had to take a leave of absence because of personal issues. But, I did not take any CPM courses until six months later when my wife needed a little extra help.

This whole process has taught me a lot about myself and my journey to becoming a parenting coach. I had realized that I needed to change some things in my business and personal life to be more effective and to help more people.

I also realized that I needed to take the time to get certified to do that because being certified is a major part of being a certified life coach. It shows that you are dedicated and that you are doing your best to be the best coach you can be. And you will find that coaching certification makes you stand out in the crowd.

So, if you have been thinking about how to become a life coach, I am sure you have had some thoughts and ideas that you have been wanting to put into action.

You can get certified right now to be a life coach and there is nothing stopping you from pursuing your goal to help others and make a difference in their lives. Take the time to go online and find out what programs are available out there. You might be surprised by how easy it is.

Lesley Anne

Mum of 3 kids and 4 pets with a wealth of knowledge on bringing up kids, managing relationships, travelling and more.

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