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Should I Have a C-Section Birth?

The benefits of natural childbirth is becoming more popular as time goes by. Although a natural childbirth can be a challenging choice for some women, it can also provide unique experiences not experienced otherwise. It’s important for moms to realize that the benefits of natural childbirth can be incredibly beneficial to both baby and mother. …

Parenting Skills

Best Parenting Skills you can Have

Here’s good parenting advice: How to be good with children so they realize their fullest potential. Good parenting skills include being present with the child, paying attention to them, being a positive role model, and encouraging their growth. If you want your children to grow up to be happy, well adjusted, and responsible adults, read …

Therapeutic Parenting

What is Therapeutic Parenting?

What is therapeutic parenting? It is a style of parenting in which children and teens to interact with an experienced professional to enhance the emotional strengths and skills of the child as well as the parents. This can involve counseling, psychotherapy, behavior modification or parenting classes. The goal of therapeutic parenting is to enhance parenting …

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How does Single Parenting Affect a Child

Divorce has many affects on children. The children are effected by the splitting up of the parents and the impact it has on them emotionally is often greater than that of their parents. It’s normal for the children to feel hurt, angry, rejected, and a variety of other feelings after the separation of the parents. …

Parenting Styles
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How do Parenting Styles Affect a Childs Development

A new study investigated the relationships between parenting styles, parent-child relationship characteristics, and mediator characteristics of parents and children. The study found that parenting styles were related to parent-child relationship characteristics such as warmth and authoritarianism, and how those relationships were related to the mediator-spouse relationship quality. Parenting styles also seemed to affect the beliefs …

Child Support

Who Pays Child Support in a Co-Parenting Relationship?

A common misunderstanding about child support is the assumption that if you have joint physical custody and your child spends half of his or her time with you and half of the time in the other parent’s household, then neither parent must pay child support. Joint physical custody is usually the situation where the child …

Parenting Classes

Why are Parenting Classes Important?

There are numerous benefits of parenting classes. If you are going through a custody case with your ex-spouse and you have children, it is essential to take parenting classes in order to learn how to effectively communicate with each other to serve their best interests without conflict. But the court can also demand that you …